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By This River

In 2001, while watching Nanni Moretti’s “The Son’s Room”, I fell in love with the song “By This River” by Brian Eno. It had such a deep vibe, sort of a mantra feel to it, and it carried the emotionality of the film perfectly.

Several years later, being asked to record a cover song for a German online magazine, I decided to record my version of that song producing it with a somewhat colder (industrial) vibe.

I couldn’t quite get the mix right so I discarded it for my Arcade Fire cover (My Body Is A Cage) now released on the Blugeist EP.

I left my cover of “By This River” unfinished somewhere on a hard drive for many years to eventually complete the work and release it in August 2020.

  1. By this River (3:06)

Released August 14, 2020

Music & words by Brian Eno

Produced and recorded by Nicolas Huart in Berlin, Germany

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